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Fairtrade / Max Havelaar EU-Organic (bio) Bio Suisse NOP UTZ

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The following goals, values and seals of quality are central to Pakka Sourcing and define and guarantee a value-based and goal-oriented approach.

UN Sustainable Development Goals – (SDG’s)

With 17 sustainability goals, the United Nations ((Link to UN-SDG’s) has set the course for the future of our world: They are intended to ensure a healthy diet and a life free of poverty. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also promote access to education and health infrastructure for all people. 139 countries have agreed on the future treaty.

Other key aspects of the goals are to promote economic growth, reduce disparities in living standards, create equal opportunities, and ensure sustainable management of natural resources to preserve ecosystems.

In the formulation of the objectives, the importance of the people who are “the centre of sustainable development” is emphasised. The protection of human rights is a particularly important aspect. In order to be able to better address people with the goals, the implementation of the SDGs should also have a strong regional or local dimension. Above all, this should make it possible to ensure that sustainable development is translated into concrete activities.

Pakka Sourcing believes in these principles and objectives and has identified the relevant SDG’s for itself and set itself the goal of aligning entrepreneurial action with these defined SDG’s.

Fairtrade / Max Havelaar

The Fairtrade label identifies goods that originate from fair trade and have been manufactured according to certain social, ecological and economic criteria.

The Fairtrade labels enable smallholder cooperatives to achieve more stable prices and long-term trade relationships. Both farmers and employees on plantations receive an additional Fairtrade premium for joint projects.

The standards also include criteria for democratic organizational structures, environmental protection and safe working conditions.

We are proud that most of our products carry the Max Havelaar seal of approval.

Max Havelaar operates under the logo of the international umbrella organization “Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International” – FLO for short. The logo shows the relationship between the south and the north. The human being in the centre represents the connection between these two “worlds”.

It is precisely this bridging function between farmers in the south and consumers in the north that is being taken over by Max Havelaar. The seal of approval guarantees minimum prices, long-term trade relations, decent working conditions and environmentally friendly production.

For further information see: www.maxhavelaar.ch  and www.fairtrade.net.

EU-organic (bio)

The organic logo identifies products and foodstuffs that are produced and controlled in accordance with the uniform EU regulations for organic farming. The organic logo stands for ecological production and animal welfare. The production is GM-free and respects the biodiversity of species. Products bearing the organic logo can be traced back to the producers.

Further Information: www.bio-siegel.de and www.ec.europa.eu.

Bio Suisse – the bud

The BioSuisse producers are passionate about taking care of the soil, water and air with their heart and soul. For example, they do without chemical synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Last but not least, the interests of people and nature are balanced in this way. While sustainable agriculture is mainly food production, it also takes at most account of the conservation of natural resources.

BioSuisse stands for:


Organic for the whole farm and the entire production.


Diverse habitats for plants and animals.


Abondon synthetic chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Protection of soil, water, air and climate.


Gentle processing, free of aroma and colourings, authentic products.


Strict controls, renouncement of genetic engineering, strict regulations for imports.


Guidelines for social requirements and fair trade relations.

For more information see: www.bio-suisse.ch/en/thebudlabelstandsfor.php

NOP – National Organic Program

The USA has an organic standard that goes beyond the requirements of the EU Organic Farming Ordinance and the labels. In order to export products to the USA, additional certification according to the NOP specifications is necessary in most cases.

Foreign producers and processors who wish to export their organic products to the USA require NOP certification and must label their goods with the USDA label.

Certification under NOP regulations entitles a company to use the USDA NOP seal in accordance with the requirements of the regulation.

Pakka Sourcing GmbH is NOP certified and therefore entitled to export to the USA.

For more information see: www.usda.gov/topics/organic

UTZ certified

UTZ Certified awards hazelnuts from a production that meets certain environmental and social standards. Different guidelines apply to production in plantations and in small farmers’ cooperatives, but they are very similar.

For UTZ certified products as sustainably grown hazelnuts must be purchased from UTZ-certified farmers. In the exact quantity that is necessary for the production of the certified products. UTZ’s primary objective is to improve cultivation methods and professionalise farm management to increase yields through more efficient production. In addition to environmental and economic criteria, there are also social criteria. All UTZ-certified hazelnuts are produced according to the UTZ standard, which is based on the principles of fairness and transparency. This helps us to make the greatest possible difference in supporting people, planets and profit.

For more information see: www.utz.org