Canaan Fair Trade & Palestinian Fair Trade Association

Canaan was founded on the principles of strengthening traditional farming communities. Agriculture is the most important sector in Palestine and Canaan tries to ensure its viability within the modern economy. Strives to increase the value of these farms, invest in their communities and make them competitive in the marketplace while giving them a place in the modern world.

Canaan works with like-minded companies to support and preserve valuable ecosystems and the farmers who care for them. Through a network of small farmers and the richness of biodiversity in the region, Canaan is now able to produce a variety of products, such as organic/FLO almonds for Pakka Sourcing.

Canaan works with over 2,000 family farms spread across 52 different villages. Canaan is connected to these communities throughout the year and is committed to long-term partnerships based on the principles of fair trade, which ensure transparency, full direct payment, fair prices and a guaranteed purchase for the farmers.

The story of Canaan is therefore about farmers who work the land from morning to night to feed their families and produce amazing food.

Canaan recognizes this priceless way of farming and is committed to protect, support and make it sustainable for these hard working farmers. In addition, ways to preserve the millennia-old food tradition and create viable pathways for sustainable food to reach global markets.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Canaan’s values. However, food security, economic prosperity and cultural integrity are also of paramount importance to Canaan and derive from the well-being of the natural environment. This starts with the health of the soil. Ensuring regenerative agricultural practices to ensure reciprocity between humans, plants, animals, insects and microorganisms.